MAY 2024

USA – May 5: Sr. Barbara ROHE was re-elected Provincial Superior for a second five-year term during the Election Chapter in the USA. May God’s Providence leads her in this responsibility, at the service of all her Sisters. ALBUM PHOTOS

May,4 – Happy feastday to all Sisters and Fraternity members on the anniversary of the birth in heaven of our Founder, 231 years ago.
Photo: stained glass window at Cutting – Jean Martin Moyë and the first Sisters

USA: May, 3 – The Provincial Chapter of the Sisters of Providence in the United States begins today. Please keep the Sisters in your prayers. ALBUM PHOTOS

APRIL 2024

France: Fraternité Jean Martin Moyë pilgrimage to Trier (Germany) with the Sisters of Saint John of Bassel. Time of prayer in the Jesuit church where Jean Martin taught seminarians during the French Revolution.

Then a moment of meditation in front of the plaque commemorating Jean Martin’s death in Trier on May 4, 1793.

France : Visit to the elderly Sisters at the Home of Providence in Siersthal. The event, which included a time of prayer, ended with a Malagasy dance.

France: The Sisters’ community house in Enghien (Paris suburb) has been demolished to make way for the construction of the “Porche Malleville”: the Sisters will live in this place, welcoming the parish, resident priests, educational and cultural center. See the article (in French) and photos in the link:

Madagascar: Cyclone “Gamane” hit north of Madagascar. It caused flooding and major damage. Our three communities in this region were spared.

MARCH 2024

France : Bowl of rice evening at the Convent of Saint Jean de Bassel to benefit two elementary school located in the remote countryside near Antsohihy and Analalava, Madagascar. Before presenting the projects for these two schools, the evening began with a welcome dance (video). Those present joined in a prayer for solidarity and peace in our world. A bowl of rice with tomato sauce brought everyone together in the dining room for a fraternal time.

United States: Sister Kay went with nursing students to the U.S.-Mexico border. For a week, they helped migrantS. ALBUM PHOTOS

France: Musical evening at the Café qu’hibou in the Convent of Saint Jean de Bassel, where three artists from the village, “les Tris Marrants”, gave their first concert. The Sisters and the fifty or so others present enjoyed the songs evoking the sea.


France : Two Malagasy sisters took part in a “welcome” session offered to sisters who have recently arrived in France, with the aim of familiarizing them with the host country. Sr Jocelyne and Sr Perline are in the front row of this photo.

Ecuador: Sr Liliane joined a diocese in the Amazon for a month. We wish her many wonderful discoveries!


JANUARY 14, 1762 – JANUARY 14, 2024

On January 14, 1762, Marguerite Lecomte arrived in Saint Hubert, a small hamlet in the Metz region of France. Sent by Jean Martin Moyë, a priest from Lorraine, she entrusted herself entirely to Divine Providence. She opened a school there. Every year, it’s a day of celebration for all the Sisters. The opening of this first school marked the beginning of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence. Happy feast day to all the Sisters and members of the Fraternities.


The President of the Republic declared a state of emergency and even internal war earlier this week. Escapes, mutinies and hostage-takings have taken place in prisons. Violence has also broken out on city streets. Criminal groups linked to drug trafficking are at the root of this situation. Our sisters Alicia and Liliane share this daily life. They comply with government directives to stay at home as much as possible. Schools are temporarily closed. Our two sisters ask us to join them in a prayer for peace. Further information on Vatican News:


Sisters from around Fianarantsoa – Madagascar gathered to celebrate the New Year.



Sr Lidwine Dellinger celebrates her 100th birthday at the Mother House. The Eucharist is followed by a festive meal: Album photos

Today, in addition to the Sisters, many active volunteers at the retirement home take part in the Eucharist alongside Sr Lidwine:

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