Community Life

We live in community. This common life in which we accept one another in faith is a support and a source of personal and spiritual growth.
Our daily life is built on prayer, sharing, reflection and recreation as well!
Putting in common all that we have and all that we are, frees us for a greater availability for mission.
Accepting differences and being willing to forgive require faith and renunciation. Little by little, under the action of the Holy Spirit, we are shaped by the Word of God that we share in community.


In response to a personal call to follow Christ, we risk entrusting ourselves to God Providence through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
The vow of chastity? Freedom of heart!

Unconditional attachment to Jesus Christ enables us to love others without distinction.

The vow of poverty? Right relationship to goods!

Moderation in our use of goods allows us to share with others and experience the joy of giving and receiving.

The vow of obedience? Commitment to God's plan and fidelity to the group!

Searching together for God's will in discernment and responsible collaboration builds community.