Do you have talents or an expertise that you would like to share with us? Have you dreamed of a humanitarian project in Madagascar or in Ecuador, for example in the area of education, health care, manual work?... Together we can design a project.

You can't travel to participate in a project? That doesn't matter! You can participate in our mission by your prayer, your interest and/or your financial support. Our Sisters, especially in Madagascar, work in areas of great poverty. Your spiritual support gives them courage and your financial assistance offers them the possibility to respond to many needs.

By your gifts you partner with us in allowing students to pay their tuition, to purchase school supplies, to have adequate nutrition, to receive health care… Your donations can help finance a teacher's salary in a school in the bush, medicine for a dispensary, tuition for a Sister who is preparing to be a teacher, purchase of a computer for a high school so that the students are equipped for


our computerized world…
The needs are numerous, it's up to you to determine how you would like to participate.

To obtain more information you can contact: