Who are we?

Women, men, young people who are called to be the hands of Providence in the midst of their family, in their workplace, in society, in the local Church.

We carry our responsibilities with trust in the Providence of God in collaboration with the Sisters of Divine Providence of St. Jean de Bassel founded by Jean-Martin MOYE.

What is our mission ?

To be apostles of Providence, witnessing by our lives and our actions the merciful care of a God who never abandons us. We work with others to create a more just and caring world where each person has a place.

What is our spirituality?

In our world marked by

the seduction of appearances
the enslavement to possessions
the law of everyone for him/herself

We live by the energies of the Spirit

trust in Providence
simplicity of heart
evangelical poverty
apostolic charity

Would you like to know more? Contact:

Donna Esposito
Associate Director
5300 Saint Anne Drive
Associate Director