65th anniversary of the beatification of Jean Martin Moye

November 21, 2019 marked the , founder of the Sisters of Divine Providence of Saint Jean de Bassel. Moye, a parish priest in pre-revolution France, was struck by the intellectual and material poverty of the people in the rural area of his diocese. He prepared women to go into the villages to teach especially the girls. From this simple beginning in 1762 grew six Congregations of Providence which continue to respond to the needs of the intellectually and materially poor in education, catechesis, social services, pastoral work and health care. Moye also carried his mission to China where he promoted religious instruction in this country where Catholics were persecuted. In recognition of his works and the spiritual heritage he left his Sisters, he was beatified by Pope Pius XII on November 21, 1954.
To commemorate the anniversary of the beatification in the United States, Sisters and Associate members gathered on Sunday, November 24, at the Province Center, Melbourne, Kentucky for a Eucharistic celebration presided by Bishop Roger Foys, Bishop of Covington. This date coincided with the Solemnity of Christ the King. Bishop Foys praised Moye as “one of those rare people who had a perspective that was right…He always kept his eye on the kingdom.” Bishop concluded his homily by saying: “As we celebrate the twofold solemnity of Christ King of the Universe and the beatification of John Martin Moye we ask both of them to look upon us and help us to form always the right perspective. When days are difficult, when there are doubts, when there are frustrations — we realize that although Jesus’ kingdom begins here, it is not of this world. We participate in that kingdom here so that one day we will live in God’s kingdom forever.”

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