Various prayers

When admiring nature

Blessed be God as many times as there are stars in the sky,
grains of sand on the earth, drops of water in the sea!
Blessed be the holy name of Jesus and Mary
As many times as there are flowers and leaves and fruit
in the meadow, in the forest!
May all creatures bless the Lord,
May the skies and the earth and all that they contain bless the Lord!
How great is the Providence of God!
How good and generous God is in creating so many things for his creature.
Blessed Jean Martin Moye

Act of Abandonment to Divine Providence

Providence of my God, I adore you in all your designs. I place my destiny in Your hands, confiding to You all that I have, all that I am, and all that I am to become – my body and my soul, my health and reputation, my life, my death, and my eternal salvation.

As I rely entirely upon you and expect all from your goodness, I will not give myself up to any useless anxiety.

I confide to you the success of all my undertakings, and in all difficulties I will have recourse to you as a never-failing source of help. I know that you will either preserve me from the evils I dread, or turn them to my good and your glory.

Peaceful and contented in all, I will allow your Providence to govern my life without worry or over-eagerness. Holy, wise, generous and loving Providence! I thank you for the tender care you have taken of me up to this moment. I humbly and earnestly entreat you to continue the same for me.

Direct all that I do, guide me in your ways, govern me at every moment of my life, and bring me to the fullness of being that you have destined for me from all eternity.

May I please you and give you glory forever. Amen!
Blessed Jean Martin MOYE

Pope Francis’ prayer for vocations during the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Father of mercy, who gave your Son for our salvation and who strengthens us always with the gifts of your Spirit, grant us Christian communities which are alive, fervent and joyous, which are fonts of fraternal life, and which nurture in the young the desire to consecrate themselves to you and to the work of evangelization. Sustain these communities in their commitment to offer appropriate vocational catechesis and ways of proceeding towards each one’s particular consecration.

Grant the wisdom needed for vocational discernment, so that in all things the greatness of your merciful love may shine forth. May Mary, Mother and guide of Jesus, intercede for each Christian community, so that, made fruitful by the Holy Spirit, it may be a source of true vocations for the service of the holy People of God.